Fish Food

At Hexafly...

we are developing new material sources for the Aqua feed, Chitin and Plant Nutrition Industries. Our products come from the sustainable farming of insects.

Our Vision

“At Hexafly our aim is to to bring an insect farming revolution to the world and find smart ways to feed the planet...”
— Alvan Hunt
CEO and Co-Founder

The Problem faced by the industry...

Dwindling Food Supplies

In the next few years the exponential increase in demand
for fish food will far exceed it's supply
The industry cannot meet these demands because of...

Declining Wild Fish Stocks

Around 85% of global fish stocks are over-exploited, depleted, fully exploited or in recovery from exploitation.

Stricter Fishing Quotas

To protect wild fish stocks, quotas have been introduced which now limit the supply of raw materials needed to make fish feed.

300% Increase in Material Costs

In the last ten years material costs have increased 300% This has put agriculture farms under severe pressure.

Aquaculture food Solutions

Bold, Simple, Solutions

At Hexafly we have innovative developments underway...

Solve the Aquaculture Feed Crisis

The shortfall in supply and demand is causing a substantial opening in the market for high quality alternatives that are economically sustainable and of a higher nutritional value.

Develop Novel Chitin Extraction Methods

We are developing novel chitin extraction technologies that are based on improving efficiency of the standard chitin industry extraction methods.

Bring an insect farming revolution to the world

We are committed to bringing sustainable natural commodities to the aquaculture, chitin and plant nutrition industries. In doing so we are enabling green and clean growth for years to come.


Insect Oil

A high quality nutritional oil, of high-value to the aquaculture fish feed market.


Pure Protein intended as a fish feed additive.


A unique plant nutrition compound, it provides an auto-immune boost to plants. It is a 100% natural fertiliser.


A high-value bio-polymer with many uses in medicine, cosmetics and as a food additive.


The Team at Hexafly

Our dedicated team comprises talent from a range of disciplines working together to deliver innovative products...

Alvan Hunt
CEO and CoFounder
Alvan Hunt

MSc Business and Management

Credited with bringing the team together wants to revolutionise how we feed the planet.
John Lynam
CTO / CoFounder
John Lynam

BSc Chemistry

Loves Chemistry loves Insects and developing new technology
Darren Brennan
Marketing and pr
Darren Brennan

He is passionate about fly fishing, entomology ( the study of insects ) and environmentally friendly biotechnology.
Laura Healy
Laura Healy

MSc Entomology - Harper Adams University
BSc Natural Sciences - Trinity College Dublin


The Old School House, 
Kilsyre, Kells,
Co. Meath, Ireland A82 YF72

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Twitter: @HexaflyBiotech

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